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to make you feel better with yourself and with others

The personal training service is aimed at anyone who wants to improve their fitness and wellness to remove an aspect of physical inactivity and return to feeling better about theirself and with others. Also it caters to those who are bored to play alone daily physical activity or need a professional to follow the physical activity of their children. My advice will emprove your lifestyle, reducing the risk factors for your health.
The competence to do this for you comes from my background of studies in addition to the in-depth theoretical and practical faced in parallel to it, who join reliability and punctuality. Rationally exploiting your commitment will achieve the objectives set saving precious time to devote to other things for your pleasant.
A personal trainer is not someone who directs or drives you simply to follow a program, rather it is one who through continuous feedback continuously adapted your path making it as smooth as possible, he motivates you and leads you to the target.
All this passes by understanding your needs, not neglecting anything. From the implementation of a specific program of physical activity to a correct way of eating, from the choice of appointments at times you favorable to tips for a healthy lifestyle and all that will prove necessary during the path.
The service is carried out both at home and outdoor. Some may use private studios. According to availability and on request it can be extended to other areas of Tuscany.



Programs to improve body composition.
Setting a healthy lifestyle that goes for physical activity and nutrition but also for a dynamic exploitation of leisure and daily activities.
When we talk about weight loss it is often called into question the scale. In fact the weigh is not that one of the parameters to be improved. Is not enough to lose weight to like more but we must also improve our body composition that will give us a more healthy and there will pop back into shape.



Drawing up of physical activity for people who want a body more healthy, efficient and pleasant.
Increase the functionality of the cardiovascular and respiratory apparatus, muscle strengthening, improvement of coordination skills, flexibility and joint mobility. Improvement of body composition.



Evaluation of posture and processing of programs of corrective gymnastics for paramorphisms.
Physical examination of your body and the analysis of muscle tensions will allow us to understand what your postural defects and possibly may depend on what.
Physical activity as an adjunct to the prevention and combating of low back pain and osteoporosis.
Functional recovery of the joints of the knee, shoulder, ankle and spine after traumatic events or relating to situation of instability.
Restore a proper balance between flexibility and muscle tension, combined with any rescheduling of basic motor patterns and improvement of joint range of motion, help your body regain the correct functionality by creating a virtuous circle of wellness which will also be reflected in other areas of daily life. Feel better about ourselves means even get better with others.




The winning weapon to minimize the side effects from the recovery time after surgery, provides in pre-intervention phase for the strengthening of the muscles of the affected districts and then a correct phase reacquisition of technical movements after the physical therapy that allows to return to the race safely and as quickly as possible, to be competitive again.



Drafting of programs for conditional and coordinative capacity improvement in sport.
Physical activity specific to the acquisition of speed, coordination, strength, endurance and muscle trophism.



With the operator certification of metabolic fitness achieved in 2010 at the Wellness Institute in Monterotondo, through the cooperation between the Associazione di Fitness Metabolica and Technogym I’m able to program specifically adapted physical activity for people with metabolic syndrome and tipe-2 diabetes.
Called “exercisetherapy”, physical activity in these cases allows primarily glycemic control through the activation of the non-insulin-mediated uptake of blood glucose, alongside if any therapies with oral hypoglycemic.
It not secondarily affects the control of body weight and triglyceride blood.
Exercise is considered essential by the scientific community towards the above mentioned situations, metabolic and as support to care as a factor in prevention.